Monday, August 03, 2009

Canoeing - a Relaxing and Eco-Friendly Sport

We live in some of the most beautiful country in the nation and when we seek it out, we can usually find something new. This weekend, we went to Buffalo National Park, which has the Buffalo River at its center. A scenic and lovely river that winds through the Ozark Mountains, the waterway was once Ground Zero in a battle over if every river in the country should be dammed. Naturalists won the battle and today, the river is much like it was in the 1930s when the fight began.
We decided to get into canoeing, which is the only boating allowed in the park. The slow rides down the river allows participants to not only enjoy the scenery of the trees and steep bluffs, but encounter wildlife in their natural habitat.
Eco-friendly wasn't exactly at the top of our list when seeking a new hobby, but it certainly is a benefit of canoeing.
Now, just to get into shape so I can help row!


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