Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Green Gifting

A lot of people I love have birthdays in August, so I have to come up with card and gift ideas. As I've mentioned here before, I can't get over the whole paper card thing, I love the look and feel of sending a "real" card. I know it isn't "Green," but it is my weakness. Being here in Arkansas when most of my loved ones are still in Kansas City - or other parts of the world - I have no choice but to either send paper or e-cards, and while I do send e-cards too, I like to imagine someone going to the mailbox and pulling something tangible out.
Jodi Helmer's recommendation for "The Green Year" is to find "green" presents to give as well. A batch of cookies, or something canned or fresh from the garden. That's a great idea. When I give gifts I do refrain from wrapping paper mostly now and if I can be there in person, I use gift bags, which can be used for years.
Even when gift giving, we can make it green!


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