Monday, February 11, 2008

Toilet Talkin'
Since it is time for our monthly septic tank maintenance, I thought it appropriate to talk toilet this week.
Sorry, city folks, I know this doesn't affect most of you. I know we didn't give much thought about our water and sewer systems until we moved here.
I knew we had to put something into the septic system to help it stay clean and I didn't know what to use that would be environmentally friendly. The mix is basically just a bunch of bacteria that allows the solid waste in the system to break down. My aunt was ordering something off of the Internet, so we shared the mix. When we finally got down here full time, she said she found out Ridx was just as environmentally, is cheaper and easier to get (since we can pick it up at the local grocery).
I did some research of my own and didn't find anything unfriendly about Ridx. It is all natural and supposedly completely safe for the environment.
On Wednesday, more toilet talking as I write about septic pumping and the problem specifically, in the James River basin in the Ozarks of aging septic systems.


At 11 February, 2008 , Blogger Life's Beautiful Path said...

I don't know when our septic was cleaned before we purchased the house in 1998. We didn't have any problems before we had it cleaned in 04. We were advised to use a quart of buttermilk once a month.


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