Monday, August 10, 2009

You Want to be Scared? Read Ingredient Lists

It's not quite fall or time for Halloween, but if you want a scary experience, start paying attention to what's in the products that you purchase. This week, I will be looking at ingredient lists on some popular products and reporting them here. This is following Jodi Helmer's lead in her book, "The Green Year," which has a partial list of ingredients for popular brands of toothpastes.
Do you know what polyethylene glycol, methylparaben and triclosan are? I don't either, but according to Helmer, they are chemicals which are bad for the environment and could potentially be bad for your health. These chemicals have the potential to cause kidney damage, been linked to breast cancer, as well as suspected of causing birth defects and lowering fertility.
Switching to all natural toothpastes is not only a good option for the environment, but also for your health. These all natural brands contain baking soda, spearmint or tea tree oil. Want a more economical option? Find a do-it-yourself recipe and blend your own!


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