Monday, August 17, 2009

Well, What's Keeping us From Testing our Well Water?
When we first built our house here in the Ozark Mountains, we couldn't afford to have a well dug, so we paid a water company to haul it in by truck. When we sold our house in KC, the first thing we did was put in a well. However, privately owned wells are not tested by the state and we have no idea the quality of the ground water the company actually hit.
When we first drank it, the water tasted like metal, so we decided not to drink it until we had it tested. So, what's been keeping us? Seems we always have someplace else to put $40 this year. Still, buying bottled water is not only expensive, but bad for the environment, so we resolved this week to finally use the test we picked up from the county and find out if the water will kill us.
Our decision comes as it was reported that overall, bottled water sales are down. We do turn the bottles in for recycling, but plastic is the worst thing for the earth when it is in production and uses resources best used someplace else.
I'll report back when the tests come in...


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